The Best Overpower Action Manhua In 2023


The best-overpowered action manhwa comics have exciting stories with the strongest protagonists, or “overpowered MCs,” as we call them. We will share several titles of exciting action genre manhwa comics.

Starting with the isekai, fantasy, magic, and adventure genres, here are some recommendations for the most exciting and best action manhwa with the latest Main Character Overpowered (MC OP) for 2022-2023. Let’s see what happens.

1. Manhwa Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

The comic Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later is recommended for those who enjoy devil or demon-themed comics with strong overpowering main characters.

Manhwa Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later is the most recent 2022 comic by Butterfly Valley. It describes how one day he unexpectedly fell into hell. He only has his will to live and his predatory power with him.

He devoured tens of thousands of demons from the thousandth to the nine thousandth hell, and even the seven archdukes bowed down to him. “Why do you want to return? “In hell, His Majesty already has everything.” “My ass, everything.”

There is nothing here to eat or enjoy! Hell is a barren wasteland teeming with terrifying demons! “I will return.” He finally returned to Earth after ten thousand years.

2. Manhwa Leveling With the Gods

If you like comics with the theme of time travel or returning to the world of the past or future, perhaps Manhwa Leveling With the Gods, created by a comic artist named Heuk Ah-In, is a recommendation for those of you who like stories about overpowered protagonists becoming stronger and stronger in order to change the future.

This comic depicts him becoming stronger and faster than others… only to lose.

Kim YuWon was left with nothing but despair in the end. He is given another chance in his final moments… His fate is unknown due to the sacrifice of his comrades.

Returning to the past, he attempts to re-climb the Tower with his unrivaled talent in order to combat an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the Tower.

3. Manhwa The World After the Fall

So, this overpower action manhwa comic is one of those where the MC is not supposed to think about the OP, it’s beyond reason, and the story is really exciting. However, you will feel dizzy because the story is too heavy; you must re-read it to understand Chaos.

Manhwa The World After the Fall, created by a comic artist named S-Cynan, Sing-Shong, tells the story of humanity being summoned to become “Walkers” and having to complete all of the floors in the tower to save the world. The “Regression Stone” then appeared. The Walkers can now “go back” in time.

And gradually… everything leaves the present. “Carpe Diem,” humanity’s last hope, was formed by people who refused to abandon the world.

But by the time the last Walker reached the 100th floor, he didn’t know what to believe. This is the story of the only human who has not regressed, despite the fact that the others have.

4. Manhwa Solo Max-Level Newbie

The story of Jinhyuk, a game Nutuber, who is the only person who saw the end of the game [Tower of Trials] is told in this overpower action manhwa recommendation titled Solo Max-Level Newbie created by a comic artist named WAN.Z.

However, as the game’s popularity dwindled, he found it increasingly difficult to make a living as a gaming Nutuber. He would stop playing because he had already seen the end of the game. But the [Tower of Trials] came true that day, and Jinhyuk, who knew everything in the game, took over everything faster than he could.

5. Manhwa Kill the Hero

The reincarnation process Kill the Hero is a manhwa story about an overpowered and brilliant MC created by a comic artist named. The world became a game one day. ‘Dungeons’ and’monsters’ appeared in the city center, as did ‘players’ who had received godly authority.

Se-jun Lee, the Messiah Guild guild leader who will bring salvation to the world. “Let’s work together to save the world. Let’s get this nightmare over with.” The entire world rejoiced at the arrival of the hero, and I became his friend. But… He was not a hero or a messiah, as the world lauded him to be.

He is a devious hero with secret plans to rule the world. “You did a good job. I wouldn’t have come all the way here if it hadn’t been for you.” In the last dungeon, I was killed by his sword. … or so I assumed.

When I died, I heard this announcement next to my ear. [Begins the game.] I’ve returned to a time when I hadn’t yet awakened as a player. And this time it was my turn…… To ‘hunt’ him down.

6. Manhwa Nano Machine

Nano Machine, a Manhwa recommendation with an overpowered MC created by a comic artist named, tells the story of Cheon Yeo-Woon, an orphan from the Devil Cult, receives an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future, who inserts a nano machine into Cheon Yeo-body, Woon’s which changes drastically.

Cheon Yeo-post-activation Woon’s life. Cheon Yeo-journey Woon’s through the Demonic Cult and ascension to become the best martial artist has only just begun.

7. Manhwa Seoul Station Necromancer

This Manhwa Seoul Station Necromancer created by comic artist Jin Seolwoo tells the story of [You have entered the basement at Gwachun Station’s First Exit.]

Kang Woojin, a former high school student who was forcibly summoned to an alien planet for 20 years, soon discovers that Earth is not the same, normal place he once remembered.

With his previous strength and age restored to zero, Kang Woojin resumes his quest to become the strongest Necromancer on Earth!

8. Manhwa I Am the Sorcerer King

This manhwa action recommendation is exciting and has an overpowered main character that tells the story of one of the Korean countries where citizens endowed with strength by the entity Ahkasha are able to fight monsters.

9. Manhwa The Beginning After The End Season 2

This comic from Korea is back in early 2021 with an even more exciting story, of course you really have to read it, telling stories about the world of magic and reincarnating into a new world full of magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to revive his life.

10. Manhwa The MAX leveled hero will return!

2022-2023’s best Mc overpower action manhwa is one of the exciting comics with a story about There was a weak prince from a lowly kingdom named Davey. His soul fled to the shrine where the heroes gathered after he fell into a coma.

The Manhwa below is released in 2020-2021 but you can read it because it has a good story.

11. Manhwa My Dad Is Too Strong

The best overpower action in Korea Manwha comic about a demon king reincarnated as an invincible civil servant, still tells about dungeons and isekai, of course, the story is exciting and there are many funny things in this comic.

12. Manhwa Legend of the Northern Blade

The most exciting action manhwa with the strongest or most powerful main character wielding a sword. Until now, the origin of the power of the sword and the power that he possesses remains a mystery; of course, the comic story Legend of the Northern Blade is still about vengeance.

13. Manhwa Solo Leveling

Overpower, the best, most exciting, and well-known action manhwa, has a main character named Sung Ji Woo. The solo leveling comic has a different title, I Alone Level-Up comic, which still tells stories about dungeons, leveling up, fantasy, and Maincharacter Overpowered being the most popular Korean comic. The best-selling book of all time.

14. Manhwa Tower of God

According to the official webcomics series, an action genre manhwa comic with a story about MC OP Ranked, namely a leveling hero who comes out of a Tower and Dungeon, and is also the first best-selling Korean comic in the entire world.

15. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

This best-overpowered action manhwa is a must-read; it contains exciting action stories and MC Ops about magic, reincarnation, and Dungeon; it is rumored that this Korean comic is the only one with the most exciting magic story after The Beginning After the End.

16. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The best action manhwa that ended in 2020 is the oldest manhwa with a story about gamers entering the game world; of course, this comic story is entertaining, and the MC has unrivaled power in the games he plays.


Perhaps those are just some of the best action manhwa comic series with overpowered MCs that you will enjoy and can add to your list of favorite comic titles. Thank you very much.

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