The Best Manhua You Should Watch in 2023 Part 1


Manhua is the designation of comics released from China. Unlike other comics, manhua has a different and unique drawing style, story, and characters.

Reading a comic book is a great way to spend free time, and it can even be turned into a hobby.

Manhua is a type of comic that is still widely read today. As a rival to the two enemies, Manga from Japan and Manhwa from Korea. Nonetheless, Manhua has fun and exciting stories, as well as devoted fans.

However, recently, this Chinese comic has a similar type or story. With an MC who is extremely OP (overpowering), tells martial arts stories, and everyone gains strength through energy processing (cultivation).

1. Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

The Urban Immortal Cultivator’s Rebirth

It tells the story of Chen Fan, who died in the midst of the divine tribulation after reaching the pinnacle of cultivation in about 500 years. I’m not sure what happened, but he’s returned to his youth as a university student living on Earth.

He made an ambition to achieve immortality again, and with the knowledge from his previous life, he wanted to create a life that could be described as perfect.

2. Boy in A Girls’ School

Boy in A Girls’ School

Boy in a Girls’ School, also known as The Boy in the All-Girl School, is a manhua comic about everyday life, also known as slice of life.

The story revolves around a teenage boy who transfers to an all-girls school. Perhaps you believe this is a gift, but that is not the case.

Despite having a fairly boring beginning to the story, this anime is quite popular. There are harem spices as well as ecchi here. Yes, reading in your spare time is beneficial.

3. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens

Set in a land full of miracles, where the strong will question the weak. A land full of beauty and beauty of people, as well as enchanting treasures, but also full of danger.

A young man named Xiao Yan, who possessed a talent that appeared only a few decades ago, lost everything three years ago, including his strength, reputation, and promise to his mother.

Because this comic is entertaining to read, admin Ota-kun has included it in the Manhua comic recommendations.

4. I Am an Invincible Genius

I Am an Invincible Genius

Following that is a list of the best Manhua comics to read when you are feeling down or confused.

It has a background story from a teenager who was paralyzed and was able to live his life again because of an AI named “Bar La”. Then what will he do in order to become invincible?

5. Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique

In a world where legend says one of the twelve paths leads to a legendary path of immortality, there are twelve paths used to climb the Tower of God.

But who would have guessed that within the Tower of God itself, there is a very long and seemingly endless path? Martial arts were numerous in ancient times, but the world changed due to a change.

There are currently only three remaining, namely Fire, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts. Generations of practitioners of the three types of martial arts sought immortality.

6. Song of the Long March / Chang Ge Xing

Song of the Long March / Chang Ge Xing

This week’s Manhua comic features a stunning princess who becomes a war expert in order to survive after her father is deposed.

This Manhua comic, also known as “Chang Ge’s Journey,” written by Xia Da, has 61 chapters and follows the adventures of a young princess. After a coup against her family, she disguises herself as a man to conceal her identity.

Hiding somewhere and attempting to become a military war strategist in order to avenge him for destroying his family.

7. Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji

How do you highlight a solid and exciting action genre in one of the best Manhua comics? Tells the story of Ah Gu, a crown prince with an unusual family tree: his father is a human king and his mother is a god.

Dah has a very bad personality, and one ethics brought a swarm of gods who intend to attack the kingdom. The father was not afraid of the attack, but unfortunate events occurred, leaving Ah Gou alone.

Ah Gou, too, trained and set out on a quest to find the power to destroy the gods who oppress humans.

8. Magic Emperor

Magic Emperor

Chuo Yifan is a magical emperor who has been betrayed by his closest allies due to an ancient magical legacy.

His soul entered another body filled with demons after he died.

9. Hero I Quit A Long Time Ago

Hero I Quit A Long Time Ago

Tells the story of a young man who has the extraordinary ability to fight monsters, and how he once felt like a hero admired by many.

And, for some reason, he prefers to retire and become unemployed, but an incident forces me to become a hero once more.

10. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Tells the story of a young master who is despised because of his poor cultivation; he is betrothed to a princess, but prefers to marry a servant.

This is where the story begins, with the two of them attempting to build their cultivation in order to take over their sect, which is on the verge of collapse.

11. Iron Ladies

Iron Ladies

One of the more visually appealing manhua comics. The Iron Ladies comic itself tells the story of Mu Siyun, a university graduate teenager.

On a whim, he sent a CV to Star Fleet, and somehow he became a fleet admiral.

The story is ridiculous, but what’s the harm in reading it? The plot revolves around an admiral who is in a harem scene with 3000 female soldiers ready to conquer the world.

12. Supreme Godly System

Supreme Godly System

A child born on Earth is incarnated in a foreign land by the mysterious energy of a news system called CNN BBC.

He tries to reach the treasure in that foreign land by practicing martial arts to become the strongest.

13. Reborn Big Player

Reborn Big Player

Wan Jia was a tough online game “King of Gamers” player who was betrayed by his team.

14. Different Kings

Different Kings

A prince from a kingdom is suddenly reincarnated into the body of a teenager who dies in his room, making this one of the best Chinese Manhua comics with the theme of reincarnation.

15. God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts

“Lin feng,” who had died after being hit by a car, discovered himself in an unfamiliar location.

In his next life, he is a young master of the lin of the lin clan, tasked with mastering a powerful martial art in order to avenge those who bought him.

16. The Demon King Who Lost His Job

The Demon King Who Lost His Job

The Manhua comic, in my opinion, has a quite unique story, which tells the story of a confused devil king who pretends to be weak by joining a guild to earn money.

17. The one

The one

Lele is a young woman born into a crazy fashion world. His parents were a popular model in Taiwan who died in an accident.

She thought modeling was a waste of time, but her aunt, who worked for a modeling agency, introduced her to the industry.

18. Apotheosis


It tells the story of a man named Luo Zheng, who was born into a poor family and rose to become the eldest son. Because of his family’s declining degree.

His sister was kidnapped by powerful people, and he can now only be stepped on by others. Heaven, on the other hand, will not let go of this.

For some reason, he discovers an ancient book left behind by his father that reveals a secret divine technique that gives those who read it strength.

19. The Last Human

The Last Human

Zuo Tian Cheng is the last human being in a city overrun with zombies. When he was about to begin his final battle, his spirit was transported ten years in the past.

From there, he vowed to assist humans in overcoming the various zombie threats.

20. Hunter Age

Hunter Age

Teenagers who are oblivious to the tragedy that occurred 16 years ago must enter a dungeon.

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