Latest GT Series HP Realme Price List


The Realme smartphone was created by a division of BBK Electronics, a division of OPPO founded by Sky Li (Li Bingzhong). Prior to the release of their first smartphone, the Realme 1, in 2018, Realme first made an appearance in China in 2010 under the name “OPPO Real.” Realme surpassed all other new smartphone brands on November 22, 2018, in the Indian market. Realme then succeeded in entering 20 markets, including China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe, as of July 2019.

Realme already has a sizable user base in Asia and Europe as of 2021. Due to more advanced smartphone and AIoT technological capabilities, HP Realme is able to snag gadget aficionados. Realme competes by creating smartphones with similar high specifications at more affordable prices. The Realme GT series from HP is the HP Realme series that is worth talking about. It is well known that the Realme GT series, also known as the GT series, has an improved design and features. See the following review if you’re interested in learning how much the HP Realme GT series costs.

Price of HP Realme GT Series

The successor to Realme X, which was discontinued on August 18, 2021, is Realme GT. The Realme X7 Max 5G will be the final model in the Realme X series as a result. With prices that are still within reach of many customers, the Realme GT Series targets the middle to upper market.

Realme also asserts that this GT series will include a number of new features, including high CPU gaming performance, faster screen refresh rates, better screens, bigger batteries, and many more.

Here is a list of the prices for the HP Realme GT series so you can see them clearly.

Realme GT Neo2T 8GB/128GBRp 4.699.000
Realme GT Neo2T 8GB/256GBRp 5.000.000
Realme GT Neo2T 12GB/256GBRp 5.799.000
Realme GT Neo2 5G 8GB/128GBRp 5.499.000
Realme GT Neo2 5G 8GB/256GBRp 5.999.000
Realme GT Neo2 5G 12GB/256GBRp 6.500.000
Realme GT Explorer Master Edition 8GB/128GBRp 9.750.000
Realme GT Explorer Master Edition 12GB/256GBRp 10.750.000
Realme GT Master Edition 8GB/128GBRp 4.900.000
Realme GT Master Edition 8GB/256GBRp 5.299.000
Realme X7 Max 5G 8GB/128GBRp 5.300.000
Realme X7 Max 5G 12GB/256GBRp 5.800.000
Price of HP Realme GT Series


That information relates to the Realme 2023’s price in the GT Series. Following changes in market prices, reviews of the HP Realme list will continue to be updated. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our most recent reviews of the HP Realme Series’ price lists.

What benefits do the HP Realme GT series offer?
In comparison to other HP Realme series, the GT series realm delivers qualified and top specifications.

What are the HP Realme GT series’ drawbacks?
Because there is no MicroSD slot available in the GT series world, consumers must be content with the internal memory capacity that is listed.