How to Record Screen While Playing Games on Android


How to record games on an Android phone for video. For Android smartphone or tablet users, games rank among the most thrilling forms of entertainment. The two most popular games right now are COC and Pokemon GO! out of the many exciting and distinctive options available on the Google Play Store. This game, which is currently popular, has spread throughout the nation and is played by many gamers (Gamers).

If you don’t document your excitement while playing, the game isn’t complete. Yes, a lot of seasoned gamers record their sessions for use as instructional material on how to play games well, quickly, and defensively. Like, for instance, Indonesian Clash of Clans players who really record the game and then upload it to Youtube.

Users of Android smartphones and tablets who want to record their screen activity while playing games can use a recording app, which is naturally available for free on the Google Play Store. However, make sure your RAM memory is enough to play games while recording the smartphone screen before you start recording. The process will probably feel heavy if your Android RAM is only a small capacity, but it will likely run smoothly if it is a large one. Please refer to the reviews and instructions below for more information.

How to Record Android Game Play

A screen recorder app for Android smartphones and tablets is called AZ Screen Recorder. On an Android smartphone, the application can be used with or without root access. This screen recorder produces quite good resolution and doesn’t tax the phone when recording. All Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Lenovo, Asus Zenfone, Xiomi, Advan, Acer, HTC, LG, Motorola, Xiomi, Meizu, Sony Experia, Smartfreen Andromax, ZTE, and others are compatible with this application. Please refer to the steps listed below for the tutorial.

  1. Installing the AZ Screen Recorder app after downloading it from the Google Play Store is the first step. To download, click the following link: Utilize the Google Play Store to download AZ Screen Recorder.
  2. Tap “Settings” to access the settings after opening the application. You can choose the video with the highest resolution in the Video Configuration section based on your Android smartphone’s capability to record the screen. Make sure the resolution you select won’t tax your Android’s RAM.
  3. Remember to enable the “Sound Feature” in the Audio Configuration section so that the application can record your voice.
  4. You can set timers or a clock according to your own needs.
  5. By tapping the “Start” button as soon as you are done configuring, you can start recording right away. The game you really want to play can then be opened.
  6. You only need to tap the red button in the lower right corner twice to halt the recording process.
  7. Finished.

When playing COC games, Pokemon GO!, LINE Let’s Get Rich, Minecraft, GTA, and other enjoyable games, the aforementioned applications can function without any issues. Additionally, make sure all other applications are closed so that recording and gaming can proceed without stuttering. Concentrate on gaming and recording software.

That was a quick overview of how to record the game screen on an Android device. To make this article more beneficial and useful, share it on social media. If you have any questions, kindly ask them in the comments section below. Many thanks and best of luck!