How to Read Comics Online on Android Using the Tachiyomi Application, Free and Easy


Many activities are now carried out on mobile phones in the digital era. One of them is reading a book. So, this time, we talked about how to read comics online on Android using the Tachiyomi app. Who knows how many comic book fans are unaware.

Why Should You Use Tachiyomi?

There are already applications like LINE Webtoons and MangaToon. The app also offers a variety of online comics. There are even some of the coolest Korean comics (Webtoons).

However, we can recommend the Tachiyomi application for reading manga and comics online on Android. Why? Because this is an open source project with many online comic sources.

This app is for those of you who want to read comics that aren’t officially available on Webtoons or Kakaopage Indonesia. Tachiyomi is also useful if you prefer to read English comics.

There was one caveat before that. The procedure outlined below may appear complicated (but it is not). But it’s well worth the effort. Because this app is free and ad-free.

Tachiyomi Shows You How to Read Comics Online

1. Tachiyomi Download Instructions

The Tachiyomi app is not available on Google Play. To obtain it, you must first download the Tachiyomi APK.

  1. Please click on the following link: Download from GitHub or the official website.
  2. Then, save the Tachiyomi comic reading app apk file to your device.
  3. Install on a mobile device (you may have to give permission to install the APK first).

Tachiyomi mod APKs are also available on the official website ( forks to be precise ). Neko, for example, focuses on MangaDex.

2. Tachiyomi Wearing Instructions

This application has its own method for easily following the comic series, namely the Tachiyomi extension (extension). Please follow the steps outlined below.

a. Select an online comic book source:

Select an online comic book source
  1. Navigate to the ‘Explore’ page (Browse).
  2. Navigate to the ‘Extensions’ tab (Extension).
  3. Choose and install the online comic sources extension (there are Indonesian language sources).
    • To install the application, you must grant Tachiyomi permission.

b. Locate comic books

Locate comic books
  1. Navigate to the ‘Explore’ page (Browse)
  2. There are two options available to you:
    • Conduct a search: Enter a manga or comic title in the Search box (magnifying glass icon). (Look for that comic if you want to read Solo Leveling.)
    • Look through existing comics sources (from the extension you installed earlier).
  3. Long press on the comic cover image in question if you’ve found the title you’re looking for.
  4. Comics will be added to the ‘Library’ (Library).

c. Read comic books

Read comic books
  1. Navigate to the ‘Library’ page (Library)
  2. Choose the relevant comic.
  3. Press the chapter (chapter) you want to read, or click the download button first.

3. Tachiyomi Display Configuration

In the Tachiyomi application, you can customize how comics are displayed. Do you want it to look like you’re reading an ebook (horizontal alias right to left) or a webtoon? (vertical). You can do this for the entire app or just the comic you’re reading.

a. Overall Management

Overall Management
  1. Click the ‘More’ button (More).
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ option (Settings).
  3. Select the ‘Reader’ option (Reader).
  4. Configure the view to your liking.

In any case, you can switch between languages in the Tachiyomi app by tapping the translation icon on the explore page or in Settings in the general section.

Please experiment with the application settings until they meet your requirements.

b. While reading comic books

While reading comic books
  1. Tap the screen while reading a comic until the menu bar appears.
  2. Press the gear icon, also known as the ‘Settings’ button (Settings).
  3. Configure the display settings to your liking (can be descending or from right to left)

Is Tachiyomi available for iPhone (iOS)?

Given its capabilities, it’s no surprise that Tachiyomi has become a favorite among Android users who enjoy reading manga, manhwa, or manhua. Don’t be surprised if iPhone users inquire about a Tachiyomi app for iOS.

Unfortunately, the Tachiyomi app is not available on the iPhone (iOS). Why? Because, indeed, the iOS operating system is closed. Apple strictly enforces the requirement that users only install applications from the App Store.

But don’t worry if you’re an iPhone user who enjoys reading comics online. Paperback, MangaSoup, and Aidoku can be used as beta testers through TestFlight or the AltStore app.