6 Free Recommended Websites for Students to Prepare for TOEFL Study


The TOEFL is one of the English proficiency exams that many people require in order to compete in today’s global market. This exam is meant to serve as a tool for assessing a person’s proficiency in English; the higher the resultant value or score, the more thoroughly demonstrated and tested his English skills are. Of course, you must take the test first in order to receive a TOEFL certificate.

For students who want to apply for scholarships or study abroad with a set minimum score, the TOEFL is frequently employed as a requirement. There are three different TOEFL test formats: paper-based TOEFL (written on paper), computer-based TOEFL (CBT), and internet-based TOEFL (iBT).

You need to prepare as much as you can if you want to pass the TOEFL and receive a certificate. A lot of for-profit educational establishments provide test preparation classes. In addition, there are free resources that you can use as a substitute or resource to independently prepare for the TOEFL.


Free practice exams for the TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC are available. Along with that, there is a description of the TOEFL iBT and paper-based exams as well as details on the similarities, distinctions, and locations where the exams are being given.

This website provides information in 5 areas, including reading, which has 4 different test questions, speaking, which has 6 sections, listening, which has 5 lectures and 3 conversations, vocabulary, which has 10 study groups, and structure. To help you get used to it, each one has a defined time as well.


engVid.com is another another resource that can be exploited. There isn’t a bank of TOEFL practice questions on this website; instead, instructional videos are offered as study aids for a variety of exams, including the TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC, as well as information on grammar, speaking, and pronunciation. You can choose the subjects and professors based on your preferences for the field.

The videos on this website have also been divided into levels, with level 1 being for beginners, level 2 for intermediate users, and level 3 for experts. You will, of course, never run out of information to acquire in order to advance your preparation among the alternatives that are available.


Learn4good.com is a well-known website for learning and other stuff. Exercises, online exams, grammar, and the TOEFL, particularly the iBT, all offer comprehensive information, starting with definitions and objectives and moving on to evaluation techniques, the number of questions in each session, and processing times.

Additionally, you can access a variety of questions from categories that have been arranged by subject. Knowledge regarding courses, schools, and colleges in different nations can also be acquired, allowing you to practice your skills while also learning equally crucial information.

Course in Toeflib

You can also use toeflibtcourse.com, which is a website with practice questions targeted at the TOEFL, as another resource. The whole range of exercises is provided, starting with reading up to four sections for one hour, listening to six conversations for 45 minutes, and speaking, which involves responding to two conversations, two lectures, and two talks on academic subjects. You are tested on your ability to construct English sentences in the following section, which consists of two portions of writing.


You can also go to the 4test.com website for TOEFL practice tasks. This website is a practice tool that offers three different practice areas: three listening portions, one reading section, and one section for each type of structure. In addition, there is information regarding the TOEFL, including the goals, the parts assessed, processing times, exam-taking advice, and items that must be done and avoided throughout the exam.


The english-test.net website offers sample questions, including essays on the TOEFL, English instruction, practice exams, and discussion forums. Due to this site’s assessment of the accessible tasks, you can also receive a general idea of your TOEFL score. There are also other articles that provide thorough grammar explanations so you can learn more.

These are some suggestions for no-cost TOEFL preparation websites. You can look through these websites to get ready if you like to study independently.

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