3 Ways to Fix a Blur Smartphone Camera


How to Fix the Android Camera’s Blur Issues. We are aware that a smartphone camera is frequently the deciding factor when purchasing an Android smartphone, particularly for selfie-loving women. The most crucial area to record fun times with friends is always the back side, not just the front. It’s amazing to see how quickly smartphone cameras have advanced from their initial 5 MP resolution to 20 MP smartphones today.

Solutions for Smartphone Camera Blur

The camera’s quality must have degraded over time. A few years after you first purchased a smartphone, the camera quality has slightly declined, the pictures appear a little blurry, the focus is not ideal, and there are smudges on each picture. So what is the root of this issue? And what steps do I need to take to address the camera’s blur? Take it easy; there are things you can do to get the camera to stop blurring. And now for the advice!

A camera lens cover with scratches

Scratched lens caps are the first issue that could arise with a smartphone camera. Although this kind of thing is actually very small, it usually has an impact when turning on the camera because it is located on the lid. because the camera also immediately focuses on the transparent lens cap. If you drop or set your smartphone down, ideally do so on a smooth surface rather than a rough one. This prevents scratches on the camera brought on by harsh objects or environments.

Users can use white toothpaste to clean the scratched camera cover in order to fix this issue. Rub it with a soft cloth or tissue. In this manner, the scratches will at least appear a little smoother or softer. It is very challenging to replace the lens cap. The problem is that you might not be able to find a camera cover that will fit your Android phone. So, exercise caution!

Lens contamination with dust

The dust that adheres to the outer lens cap is the second reason. You simply need to remove the smartphone’s back cover in order to clean it. After that, use a tissue and eucalyptus oil to clean the lens cap.

Rub until the lens cap appears clean and shiny after applying to the lens cap. It is hoped that doing this will improve the camera’s image quality. Place your smartphone away from objects that contain dust or have dust on them, such as a dirty table or dusty seat, to prevent dust from entering the camera.

Cloudy Lenses

Indeed, foggy lenses can degrade the camera’s ability to capture clear images. You can dry your Android smartphone with a hairdryer on the sides or through the right and left holes to remove any dew that is already present. This will allow the temperature of your smartphone to stabilize and the dew to stop appearing.

With a few of the aforementioned pointers, your smartphone camera should be able to take clearer, less foggy pictures. If you have any questions about an Android camera, kindly post them in the section below. Many thanks and best of luck!

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