10 Best, Exciting and Dramatic Action Comic Manhwa (2023)


Are you looking for the best manhwa action comics like Solo Leveling, Gosu, Tower of God, Yongbi the Invincible, and Chronicles of Heavenly Demon? There are many other Korean comics that are equally cool and interesting to read.

Korean comics, or so-called manhwa comics, have cool collections, just like movies and drama series. As a result, I’d like to share some of the best action manhwa.

Manhwa Action Comics at Their Finest

The evolution of Korean comics, or manhwa, is fascinating. It has grown rapidly in the last ten years. Particularly since the webtoon or web comic format debuted in 2003.

Not just in the industry. The advancement is remarkable in terms of creativity. Drawing characters that used to be similar to manga styles, for example, are now beginning to have their own characters.

The action comic genre is evolving in interesting ways. Many have good and dramatic stories, whether they are based on fantasy or everyday life.

The action scenes are also thrilling, and I eagerly await the next chapter. There are even comics with truly epic action! The Japanese comic industry must be wary of the South Korean comic industry.

Before we begin, we should note that some of the manhwa listed below are available in the Webtoon app, while others are not. If you don’t know how to read comics online on an Android phone, please read the article ‘How to Read Comics Online on Android’.

So, which Korean action comics are the most exciting?

1. Elected ( 일렉시드 )

Eleceed is a Korean comic about an honest and kind-hearted high school student named Seo Jiwoo who has a hidden power since childhood.

He frequently moves around town because of his power, which he gained as a child and used to make himself look like a monster to his classmates.

To cut a long story short, when he was a high school student, he came across a cat who was unconscious and covered in blood.

Jiwoo was surprised to hear a male voice suddenly appear around him while he was caring for the cat and the cat awoke from fainting.

It turned out that the voice he heard was from the cat Oyen that he was caring for, Kayden. Kayden, the strongest awakener, is ranked as the tenth strongest in the awakened world.

Jiwoo is being taught everything there is to know about being awakened, and he is also becoming Kayden’s first student.

This story is intriguing because it will later describe Jiwoo’s power development under Kayden’s supervision, and there will be many chapters of super epic battles between Jiwoo and various world awakeners.

Aside from the exciting scenes such as fighting action, there are also some funny or funny actions that are frequently given by the author Son Jae Ho in each chapter he creates.

2. Return of sword master (화산귀환)

Return of the Sword Master is a Korean comic about Cheong Myeong, the 13th student of the plum flower martial school, also known as the hwasan sect.

He was assassinated after defeating the king of the demon sect. However, his sword martial struggles did not end there.

After 100 years of war against a demonic cult, he was reincarnated into the body of a poor child (beggar) after dying in the final battle on Mount 1,000.

But when he reincarnated after 100 years, the sect he founded with his brother and martial sister was no longer there. The hwasan sect, which was once the strongest and most influential, had become the weakest and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Cheong Myeong returns to the hwasan sect, disguised as a poor beggar, on a mission to rebuild the sect he founded.

He desired to restore the hwasan sect’s glory to its former position at the top of the martial chain. The narrative continues with Cheong Myeong restoring the hwasan sect and fighting various existing martial sects.

3. Memoir Of The King Of War ( 전왕전기 )

Memoir Of The King Of War (), the third best action manhwa comic that I recommend, tells the story of a man named Dan Sa Yu of Goryeo descent.

A descendant of the legendary Goryeo who was a martial artist as well as a powerful and respected military force throughout history.

And Sa Yu, who rebelled against and chastised the people of the central district in order to save a friend who was very meaningful and valued during his lifetime.

He was like a war hero who led an army so powerful that nothing could stop him.

The Cheonpo army is Goryeo’s greatest martial legend, and it will live on until the true warlord is revealed.

4. Lookism (외모지상주의)

This Korean comic depicts a school student who is short, fat, and unattractive. He was frequently subjected to violence and bullying at school, to the point where he felt weak and desired to transfer.

He had only recently moved to his new school. He tries to change his hairstyle as well as the outfit he wears in order to appear cooler.

However, when he meets people on the street, he receives the same treatment, namely violence, and is unable to reciprocate.

Because of that incident, he went viral on social media and began cursing himself for being born short and ugly.

When he awoke from his sleep, he realized he had transformed into someone who was handsome, tall, and had a body full of athletic muscles, and a miracle had arrived and changed his life.

This story continues at school with him using his new body, and he feels like he’s been reborn.

Because he feels liked and loved by women in his new body, rather than degraded. Even though he is now known as Hyung Seok or Seok Park in other versions, he dropped a student named Zin Lee.

Because of this incident, Zin Lee, a strong character in that class, was deposed by Seok. The arrival of Seok piques the interest of many of the school’s thugs.

This story continues until Seok becomes the most respected person in school and befriends the thugs.

Lookism comics with the nuances of schoolchildren living in a harsh world are suitable for reading for those of you who want to know what a Korean school looks like.

5. The Beginning After the End ( 끝이 아닌 시작 )

The Beginning After the End ( ) is one of my recommendations for the fifth interesting action Korean comic. This comic tells the story of a king who has reached the pinnacle of his glory and then dies without cause at his residence at night, then reincarnates into a new human being.

Reborn as a baby named Arthur Leywin, the king grew up to become a new human in the Leywin family and inherited his previous world’s memories.

Developing magic and making him a formidable person at a young age.

Arthur, or Art, is on a family vacation when his mother, Alice Leywin, becomes pregnant with Art’s younger sister, Eleanor Leywin.

Bandits attacked their flock, and Arthur was knocked down into a ravine to save his mother and future sister from the bandits.

Then, in that incident, Arthur encountered a creature similar to a dragon, but in the world of TBATE, the author refers to it as a creature identity similar to a holy god.

Sylvia the dragon rescued Arthur and taught him about magic and everything else he needed to know about the outside world while he was healing.

Sylvia left an egg that would hatch and become a beast with a contract with Arthur until her death. Sylvie is her name.

On the way home, Arthur met a bandit who wanted to sell an elf, and the elf in question was the daughter of the elf clan’s king.

Arthur rescued the princess and returned her to the elf clan’s home. Arthur met with elf clan magic warriors and began to learn how to cultivate the magic core he received from Sylvia.

This story continues until Arthur grows up and enrolls in a magic school in his kingdom’s capital city.

At this school, Arthur encounters a variety of problems, beginning with strong seniors, then terrorists with heretical teachings, and so on.

Until Arthur was forced to confront the nobles who opposed and threatened his family.

6. Volcanic Age

Volcanic Age is a Korean comic based on Jung Joon Shin’s light novel Hwasan Age, also known as Mount Hua Reincarnation. This comic follows Joo Seo-cheon, who survived the war and rose to become the elder of the Hwasan clan. But, at the end of his life, he lamented the fact that he could not have lived a better life. He was given a second chance by reincarnating into the past, it turns out.

Volcanic Age gained popularity as a result of an intriguing story. Despite the presence of isekai elements, Joo Seo-character cheon’s does not necessarily develop into a powerful character. His journey and efforts to turn negative points in history into positive ones.

This comic is only available on Kakao, and there is no official translation as of yet. You must look for it in an app or on an online comic site if you want to read it.

7. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a Korean action comic or manhwa comic based on Nam Hi-light Sung’s novel of the same name. Lee Hyun, the story’s main character, was able to sell his game characters for 3.1 billion Won. However, the money was stolen by loan sharks. He then decided to make more money in Royal Road, an MMORPG virtual reality game.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor may not have Gosu or Yongbi’s frenetic action scenes. It also lacks the drama that Dokgo has. This Korean comic story, on the other hand, is entertaining.

8. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Ranker Who Lives a Second Time follows Yeon-woo as he investigates the disappearance of his twin brother due to betrayal by his colleagues.

Yeon-woo discovered his twin brother’s fate after discovering his diary. Yeon-woo went into the Obelisk, the Sun God’s Tower, to find out. Based on the guide from the diary, he also honed his skills by hunting monsters there.

Although not identical, this comic has a similar nuance. At least according to the status windows, which resemble games and monster hunting adventures. You could say it’s Solo Leveling meets Tower of God.

9. Hardcore Leveling Warriors

Kim Sehoon wrote the manhwa Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Kim Se-Hun). A character in the virtual reality game Lucid Adventure is known as Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Ethan Gong is his real name. He began the game as the game’s number one character. He fell for one reason or another and had to restart from the beginning.

The story of Hardcore Leveling Warrior is light, fun, and unexpected. This manhwa can be found on LINE Webtoon.

10. The God of High School

Yongje Park recommends The God of High School as one of the best manhwa action comics. This comic was inspired by a high school martial arts tournament. Mori Jin, the main character, discovers that this tournament is hiding a larger problem, and he becomes the key.

The God of High School, like the manhwa mentioned above, is packed with action (which is often bombastic). This comic story is full of intrigue as well as action.

The God of High School is a popular action manhwa that can be found on LINE Webtoon.

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