10 Best, Exciting and Dramatic Action Comic Manhwa (2023) Part 2


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11. Nanomachines

Cheon Yeo-Woon, an orphan raised in the Demonic Cult, receives nanotechnology from his future descendants in Nano Machine. With advanced technology embedded in his body, he improved his martial skills and ascended the sect’s ranks.

This comic is unique in that it combines traditional elements and silat stories with cutting-edge technology. Of course, with artificial intelligence embedded in his body, Yeo-Woon is capable of analyzing a wide range of situations and knowledge.

Of course, this comic also features exciting and dramatic battles, as well as an intriguing story about the intrigue within the Demonic Cult.

12. Supernovas

Supernova is a comic book written under the pen name Killer Whale. This comic is available on Toomics. It has a unique and promising story.

Supernova comes from a student life that is divided between the strong (bullying thugs) and the weak ( bullying victims ). This changed when Kim Yushin met a friend who died as a victim and decided to defend the weak. Aside from that, there’s Kim Chunchu, a new student who wants to take over the school’s thug gang.

What makes this comic interesting is that the characters are told to obtain “power” from Korean historical figures. During the reign of the Three Kingdoms of Korea (Cilia, Baekje, and Goguryeo), Korea was unified. So, in addition to the fight scenes, this comic has an interesting historical backstory.

13. The Gamers

The Gamer is a Korean comic book written and illustrated by Sung Sang-Young and Sang-Ah. This comic tells the story of Han Jee-Han, who gains abilities similar to those found in RPG games. He can also enter The Abyss, a hidden world where various people and organizations vie for power.

In terms of RPG themes, The Gamer has a feel similar to The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor or isekai type manga. The plot is lighthearted and entertaining.

The Gamer can be found on Naver’s LINE Webtoons.

14. Dokgo

Meen and Baek Seung-Hoon wrote the manhwa Dokgo. Kang Hyuk, better known as Dokgo, is a high school delinquent. After his twin brother, Kang Hu, was killed, he vowed vengeance on the school thug who was responsible. To find out the truth, he disguised himself as Kang Hu.

Dokgo, like the previous comics, is dense with drama nuances. This comic is filled with stories about bullying (which leads to crime), the dark world of adolescence, and friendship. Aside from the story, I appreciate the illustration style.

Dokgo comics have appeared in Sports Today (Korea) and Lezhin (Russia) (Korea). This series has concluded and is replaced by the Dokgo Rewind, Dokgo 2, and Blood Rain series.

15. Red Storm

Red Storm is one of the best action manhwa comics written by Noh Kyungchan and illustrated by Park Hyun-Il. Red Storm was originally a novel with the same title before becoming a webtoon. This series follows the aspirations of a tribal chief’s son (known as Glow) to become the greatest knight in the Red Desert. He learns martial arts from a powerful warrior named Noah and forms the Red Storm, an elite troop.

This Korean webtoon is published every week on the Kakao-owned online comic site Daum. To read the non-Korean version, you’ll have to scour manga scanlation sites.

16. Legend of The Northern Blade

The best online comic or manhwa action comic created by Hae-Min and illustrated by Woo-Gak is Legend of the Northern Blade. This comic tells the story of Jin Mu-Won, the Northern Heavenly Sect’s successor who survived his father’s death and the sect’s destruction. He secretly practiced mysterious arts before embarking on a quest for vengeance.

This comic’s story could be considered a classic. What’s interesting is that Jin Mu-Won has no desire for vengeful revenge. Instead, he appears calm and calculated, and he does not spit on his knowledge.

So far, the story’s rhythm has been fairly consistent, not rushed but also not drawn out. The action is also entertaining.

17. Record of the War God

History of the War God tells the story of Mu Soh-Wol, a powerful warrior who was killed in an incident. But he reappears 20 years after the incident. This warrior is back on an adventure to find his adversary and stop a sect from dominating the martial world.

This is a well-told story. The figure of Soh-Wol is shrouded in enigmatic nuances. Both the context and the motivation. Even though he is powerful and appears to be overpowered, he does not simply display it. As a result, the plot is straightforward.

18. How To Fight

The story of Yoo Hobin, a loser at school who becomes the target of bullying, is told in the comic How To Fight. He happened upon an old channel on Newtube about fighting. After attempting and succeeding, Hobin saw an opportunity to shed the image of a loser.

This comic has a unique story about bullying and online videos. The main character who discovers a fighting video tutorial does not necessarily become a champion. But he still has a cowardly nature and grows slowly. Then there are several amusing scenes in this comic. As a result, it’s entertaining.

19. Mercenary Enrollment

The story of Yu Ijin, a former mercenary who returns to school, is told in Mercenary Enrollment. He was separated from his family as a child due to a plane crash. He had to survive as well, and he eventually became a mercenary.

Starting with the story of Ijin’s sister being bullied, this manhwa has an intriguing plot. The true permission is that OP (in contrast to school thugs) must keep his identity hidden while caring for his younger brother and grandfather. The action scenes are quite dramatic (similar to Sung Jin Woo’s early reawakening).

20. Castles

Castle, the 20th best action manga comic, follows Kim Shin’s efforts to bring down the criminal organization “Castle.” Kim Shin was previously the number one assassin, operating under the code name “Amur Tigro.” He returned from Russia to the Korean city of Hoe Nam to begin his ambition.

As the synopsis suggests, this comic is full of brutal action and intrigue. Even though we know Kim Shin is fantastic, there are other characters whose abilities we do not yet know. The size of the “Castle” organization is also significant. As a result, it’s quite stressful.

What Comes Next?

That is a list of the best action manhwa comics that I can recommend for you to read; there are several comics that are currently in the park as well as ongoing.

It’s good that it’s finished, but I’ll keep it because some of you who are reading this haven’t finished reading the Korean comic.

I’ll keep updating the Korean action comic recommendations I wrote on a regular basis, just like I’m doing now. This article has been updated several times, so return here for the most up-to-date information on the best action manhwa comics in the future.